celebrate your new home

Celebrate Your New Home

How Will You Celebrate Buying Your New Home?

So, you closed the deal, picked up the keys, and the new house belongs to you. Congratulations! Moving into a new home is a joyous and festive time. Don’t let this milestone slip by without celebrating the payoff to your hard work.

A Housewarming Party

When you’ve placed the last piece of art in just the right spot, it’s time to invite the guests and show off your new home. For smaller gatherings, an intimate dinner in the new dining space gives you a chance to make memories with the people you cherish. For larger groups, consider a wine and cheese event. If the weather permits, an outdoor barbeque allows you to chat with friends and invite your new neighbors. Make sure to wrap up the fun with a home tour.

If the thought of unboxing and organizing sends chills up your spine, try a new twist on the housewarming tradition; order pizzas and hand out the box cutters. This casual gathering fills stomachs, empties boxes, and gets your stuff where it belongs. Along the way, guests get to share a few laughs and check out your new space.

Family Picnic

Moving day’s hectic pace may leave you feeling exhausted. Entertaining or carrying out elaborate plans may sound like the last things you want to do when you first move into your new home. Consider grabbing some take-out and enjoying a family picnic on the living room floor. Spread out the blanket, feast on tasty food, and share ideas about your vision for your new home. This kind of celebration feels easy and takes the pressure off after a long moving day. Don’t forget to take a few pictures to preserve the memory of your first night in your new place.

Commemorate the Key

The house key symbolizes home ownership. What better way to celebrate and remember moving day than to make a keepsake of the key? Commemorate your key by having an extra house key made and framing it with the move in date included. Alternatively, you could create a Christmas ornament with the spare house key, writing the date on the key with a permanent marker. This makes a fun way to recall moving in each time you decorate for Christmas.

30 Days of Home

Every home holds a story. Consider documenting your first 30 days in your new home through pictures. Take one photo each day for the first 30 days in your home. Vary the shots between rooms, people, and indoors or outdoors. If you have a family pet, don’t forget to include him, too! Print the pictures and place them in a physical photo album with a note next to each, telling a mini-story about that picture. Creating a keepsake of your first 30 days of home gives you something special to look back on and, perhaps, pass down to your children as well.

Welcome to The Neighborhood Party

At Frux Homes, we enjoy throwing parties for our happy clients. We want you to feel like you’re part of your new community, so after you’re settled in your new home, let us host a get-together for you. We especially love hosting parties to see the former home owner and welcome in the new.

Welcome Home

No matter how you choose to celebrate your new home, congratulate yourself on this important part of your journey. Home ownership offers many freedoms and opportunities to make great memories. Take a deep breath and imagine the possibilities…welcome home.

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