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Don’t Make This Mistake with Your Home Staging

If you’ve been doing your research on selling a home in upstate South Carolina, you may already know that home staging is a big, important deal. Home staging can make the difference between a quick sale and a lingering affair with a For Sale sign. So, let’s talk about one of the most common mistakes sellers make when staging their homes… going cold.

Going cold.

Who enjoys walking into a living room which feels sterile and cold? Local homes are known for their inviting warmth, so home staging in upstate South Carolina is not about stripping all personality from your home. Every wall doesn’t have to be stark white, and it’s perfectly fine to place more than one piece of furniture in a room.

Here’s the trouble with going cold…

When you make your home a totally blank slate, it can feel unwelcoming. It can leave your perspective buyer with the impression that they’re in a space which would never feel comfortable for them. A stark room feels depressing. Bland ones feels boring. If everything is stripped to the basics, your home may be forgettable, and that’s not going to help speed your sale along.

It helps to focus on the purpose of home staging.

The object is to get your prospective buyer to imagine herself in your home, and the right staging style provides a gentle nudge in that direction. Good home staging strikes a balance between welcoming warmth and a clean canvas. Often, the most striking staging elements are found in the small details. So, what can you do to come in somewhere between bodacious and bland? These three home staging tips can help you express some personality without coming on too strong…

Add some color, but not too much.

While it’s not a great idea to overwhelm a prospective buyer with bold colors on every wall, white is not your only option. Use warm tones of ivory or pale shades of grey to add interest without going over the top. You can also add an accent wall with a brighter color, balancing the effect by keeping the room’s other walls neutral.

Leverage the lighting.

Lighting can make or break the mood of a room. Try to keep each room evenly illuminated. Dark corners feel gloomy. Layer lighting at various heights, being mindful to allow natural light in as well. Create an ambient impact with warm lighting and rice paper shades in a buttery, beige hue.

Furniture is your friend.

It’s totally unnecessary to toss out all the furniture. After all, your perspective buyer probably has a chair or two of her own, right? Keep a few seating pieces in the living room and arrange them in a conversation-friendly manner. Don’t feel compelled to place furniture against walls to make the space look larger; this strategy actually has an off-putting effect. Leave the bed and use it as a focal point by dressing it with crisp, white linens and a plush comforter. Just be sure the size of the bed doesn’t overpower the space. A proportionate dining table with a fresh flower centerpiece makes the eating area feel like a great place to share a meal.

Bonus Tip: Are you going with all white walls? Make it feel friendlier with a few green house plants and wooden accent pieces placed throughout your home.

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Samantha Lee South Carolina realtor