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For agents who are no longer actively listing, selling or managing real estate we have established a separate referral division so you can continue to earn just by referring folks you know who are in need of a real estate agent.

Realtors Referral Program

What is the commission?

Referral agents are paid 25% of the gross commission earned from any referral.

What are the fees?

The only costs to you are the real estate license fees paid to the Real Estate Board. There are no GGAR or WUAR dues, no Realtor fees, no other fees at all…nada, nothing.

Must my license be active?

Yes, only active licensed agents may earn commissions. This also means you’d have to keep your continuing education current.

How does it work?

When you come across someone who is looking to buy or sell, call me with the contact information and I will pass it along to one of our agents. When and if a transaction occurs and a commission is earned, you will be paid 25% of the commission. It’s that simple.

Send us a message for more information about our referral programs.

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