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Ladies of the House: We Are Women, Watch Us Sell!

In March we celebrate Women’s History Month; a time to honor and recognize accomplished females in all professions and fields of expertise. So let us now take a moment to pay homage to women who list and sell homes in the field of real estate. It is estimated that women comprise roughly 60 percent of […]

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Enjoyed selling your house? Do it for a living!

So you’ve just sold your house—and, moreover, you did a darned good job of it, if you do say so yourself. Either on your own or with the able aid of an experienced Realtor, you’ve just scored an honest, profitable, and successful home sale. Did you, much to your surprise, actually manage to enjoy the […]

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Spruce Up to Sell

  So it’s time to find your dream house; to begin a new and exciting chapter of your life in a beautiful new home that offers everything you want in a residence. Ah, but wait a minute; before you move in to the home of your dreams, you first have to do something with that […]

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