Ladies of the House: We Are Women, Watch Us Sell!

In March we celebrate Women’s History Month; a time to honor and recognize accomplished females in all professions and fields of expertise. So let us now take a moment to pay homage to women who list and sell homes in the field of real estate.

It is estimated that women comprise roughly 60 percent of the real estate industry; and today we see an increasing number of women who work as top-producing brokers, and as the presidents, the vice presidents and even the owners of real estate offices, agencies and franchises.

The Women’s Council of Realtors, a national association devoted to promoting and serving females in this industry, consists of 11,000 members and 238 chapters across the nation. And The National Society of Female Real Estate Agents offers networking, educational and advocacy opportunities for female Realtors.

The Huffington Post recently found that female real estate agents are more commonly associated with higher priced house listings than their male counterparts (

And perhaps it’s no coincidence that the ‘80s television program “Open House,” perhaps the only sitcom set in a real estate office, was created by two women (Ruth Bennett and Susan Seeger) and claimed a female real estate agency head (the strong-willed and authoritative Linda Phillips, as portrayed by the talented comic actress Alison La Placa) as its main character. Art does indeed imitate life, and vice versa!

Just what kind of woman makes a good Realtor? Well the answer to that question is as broad and all-encompassing as the varieties of women you see in this field. She may be a recent college graduate with honors in mathematics and marketing. She may be a wife, mother and homemaker who is ready to return to the workplace; but only if her position allows her a flexible schedule and the chance to apply the people skills as well as the incredible and in all ways firsthand knowledge of houses and their workings, that she has honed for years as a full-time homemaker. She may be a seasoned and experienced business woman seeking to expand her repertoire—not to mention her fortunes—in the real estate industry. She may be a retiree ready to embark on an exciting and lucrative new business. She may be an adventurous sort of woman, always up for new personal and professional challenges.

Or she could be you. If you are a bright, enterprising woman in search of a brilliant new career, then become a real estate agent today!