How to Determine the Best Guest Space for Your Home

If you’ve got frequent visitors to your home, it might be time to consider dedicated guest spaces. Not only are guest spaces a great way to make your visitors feel welcome in your home, they also free up space when you have people over. This way, you’re not converting your living room into a sleeping area and putting the room’s true function on hold during the visit. If you’re trying to determine which type of guest space you should incorporate into your Pickens home, a guest room or guest house, here are a couple of ways to make that decision.

One way to help make an educated choice is carefully determining what sort of guests you have visit your home most frequently. If you’ve got close friends or family members visiting, people with whom you have a great relationship, a guest room would be a good idea. With a guest room, you’ll be able to spend a lot more quality time with your loved ones when they’re visiting.

If your guests tend to be on the formal side, for example, colleagues or other work-related acquaintances, a guest house would be a good choice. You want to give formal guests their own space, somewhere they can retreat to when they’re not socializing. A guest house is not only a good idea for the guests themselves, but for you and your household. If your formal visitors are staying in the guest house, it will provide you with a bit of time to relax, so that you don’t have to feel that you’re “on” all the time.

Of course, budget and available space are two important factors to consider. If you have a large house with very little property, a guest room will have to do for any manner of guests. On the other hand, if you have plenty of space in your yard and you’ve got your entire house planned for functionality, you might want to go with the guest house idea by default.

Money-wise, it is going to cost more to build guest house than it will to transform an empty room into guest space, unless you’re building an addition onto your home versus converting a garage. Every situation is unique and should be carefully planned by weighing the pros and cons of each type of space, as well as researching all steps needed along the process before you begin.

No matter what you choose, your guests are going to appreciate having their own space in your Pickens home. Guest houses and guest rooms show that you have really gone out of your way to make them feel welcome.

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