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Do I Really Need to Remodel My Bathroom?

Selling a home doesn’t usually require major renovations on a home in order to get buyers interested. However, some homeowners who wish to sell instead choose to save for what they believe are necessary renovations and wait to list their home until these renovations are complete. They are hoping these improvements will help sell the […]

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Common Mistakes that Hurt Credit

Some of the common mistakes consumers make when trying to improve their credit are: Closing accounts – this could actually raise your debt to total credit ratio, an unfavorable factor when calculating a credit score. Stop using credit cards altogether – this prevents new credit history information from being obtained and could result in the […]

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You Want to Raise My Rent How Much?

We recently reported that investment purchases in 2014 fell 7.4% for the year, that combined with a diminished supply of distressed inventory allowing for big profits, has real estate investors looking for a new way to make more money in 2015. So if they don’t have new properties to buy… how would they make more […]

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