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Holiday Light Shows in & around Greenville, SC

Each holiday season in the Greenville SC area, we celebrate the season with fantastic Holiday Light Shows!!! This year is no different! Rain or high winds mean “Don’t go.” Both of these weather conditions can make the holiday lights dangerous for our hosts. They do this because they love it and love to make YOU smile! Continue […]

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As summer begins to wind down, new opportunities loom on the horizon. Home sales are on the rise, making opportunities for the autumn season ripe for the picking. Have you been waiting for that elusive “bottom of the market”? Or have you been waiting for rates to fall further? If you’ve been contemplating a new […]

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Buying Right — Every Time!

When most people decide to purchase a new home, they quickly become caught up in their emotions.  They fall in love with homes, and their judgment becomes skewed. This is completely normal, but before you sign on the dotted line, you may want to consider doing some research to make sure you’re “buying right”. Here […]

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